More about Ten Conversations

Ten Conversations worth spreading and we need to organise it so it is clear the funds go to charity with the story, and organise it like Crowd Financing.

Help spread the conversations. All funds go to support Community Health Interventions.

We want to share the Ten conversations music, video and poetry with you globally, so you may have 1, 2, 3 or more conversations about Health and HIV with your sons, daughters or friends.

Then we use the funding to take these proven ten conversations worth spreading into real Zimbabwean villages and schools where it counts most. In collaboration with the National Health Program, in targeted most affected communities we will do:

  • School and community event on the ten conversations.
  • Community music and poetry workshop and competition on the issues in each community.
  • Link and present the community health worker and show outcomes in terms of uptake of health services.

You will receive the music and poetry, and then support and share the unique journey with us to bring Ten Conversations to End AIDS from the global village to real Zimbabwe villages in music, art and to show how it can impact HIV and health issues.

We hope to finish with an online conversation platform to share the issues from the global to real villages, together with the winning music and poetry from schoolchildren and community members.

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